List of documents

List of documents, needed for drivers during international freights

  1. Passport.
  2. International driving licence.
  3. The certificate of registration of the vehicle. (Issued by the Traffic Police)
  4. Visa is the host country.
  5. Licence to carry out road transport on foreign territory.
  6. Set of consignment notes CMR (international form) for return loading.
  7. Insurance policy (Green Card) about civil liability insurance of the vehicle owners.
  8. The required number of duly completed consignment notes CMR with the accompanying shipper specifications, certificates and other necessary supporting documents.
  9. Carnet TIR
  10. Certificate of the vehicle's suitability and the International Freights certificate under the terms of the Convention TIR (issued by the State Customs Committee for a period of 2 years)
  11. The vehicle necessary to have a tachograph. In the absence of the vehicle tachograph in many countries requires properly managed personal control book of the driver (PCB).