Documents for vehicle

Dear users,

For approval vehicle to international TIR system,you should provide following documenttion:

  1. Appendix 1 и Appendix 2
  2. Technical passport of the vehicle
  3. Копию удостоверения личности of vehicle owner
  4. Copy of driving license of vehicle driver
  5. Copy of ABADA course training sertificate
  6. EURO-standart sertificate (if present)
  7. ADR sertificate (if present)
  8. Contacts of driver, vehicle owner, manager
  9. If holder takes vehicle of person, provide notarially certified copy of the agreement between holder and person. If the person is not a driver of vehicle, provide copy of agreement between owner of the vehicle and driver of the vehicle.
  10. If vehicle belonged to another holder before, provide Appendix 3
  11. ANNEX for freight's passing at check points. Download Annex